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아일랜드오페어- The Burke Griffin Family

September 14, 2015



Miltown Malbay라는 곳에 사는 Burke Griffin 가족이, 함께 할 가족의 오페어를 찾고 있어요~ 자꾸 물으셔서 자꾸 답변 해 드리는데요, 


저희의 가족들은 엄격한 가족 지원서류, 증명서류, 그리고 인터뷰를 거쳐서 프로그램을 진행 하시게 되며, 싸이트에게 올라오는 검증 안된 가족들과는 당연히 다릅니다~!

우리 지원자들이 수백개의 질문들을 하시는 것 처럼 가족 역시 수백개의 질문들을 하시면서 프로그램을 알아가시게 됩니다~~ 에이전시를 통한 가족이 아니라면??!! 이런 질문들을 할 수도 없고, 룰따위는 없는 가족의 룰이 100퍼센트 지배하는 규칙이 되어버리겠죠??~~


하지만, 오페어 프로그램은 사람과 사람이 만나서 함께 살아가면서 진행하는 프로그램인지라, 저희가 괜찮다고 평가하는 가족도 나하고는 절대 맞지 않는 스탈일 수가 있다는 점! 유의 하시길 바라며!! 인터뷰의 중요성! 다시 한번 강조 드립니다~~

내 친구가 이랬다더라,, 블러그글을 봤는데 이랬다더라가 절대 100퍼센트 정답이 될 수 없다는 조언드립니다~~


당장 시작이 가능한 가족으로, 6개월간 함께 해 줄 오페어가 필요한 가족입니다~

아이들 숫자에 겁먹지 마세요~ 항상 시끄러운 집이겠지만, 그만큼 웃음도 사랑도 많은 가족입니다^^ 


The family have five children Tadhg aged 6, Raghnaid aged 5, Bronagh aged 4, Blaithnaid aged 2.5 and a 9 months old baby.


The family are looking for an AuPair who can drive and is aged 20+. They are wanting someone to start in September for 100 euros. They are wanting a 6 months placement.


Please let us know if you have anyone who would be interested.

Thank you, we will wait to hear from you.




salutation: Mrs.

FirstName: Erica

LastName: Burke Grifffin

Address2: miltown malbay

City: ennis

PostalCode: n/a

State: co clare ireland

Country: Ireland

Family profile:

Family personal details:

Mothers Nationality: irish

Fathers Nationality: irish

Mothers Occupation: chiroprodist

Fathers Occupation: farmer

Family Religion: catholic

Do you practice it?: yes

Age and Names of Children: 5 kids tadhg 7 raghnaid 5 bronagh 4 blaithnaid 2.5, 9 mth old baby

Is a baby expected?: no

Are you a single parent?: no

Family Requirements:

Would you consider any nationality? (if not please specify who you would

accept): 20+

Would you consider a male au pair?: no

Is a car driver essential?: no

If a car driver is required will there be a car available for the au pair

to use?: yes

Is a non smoker essential? (If not, where is he/she allowed to smoke?):


When do you require an au pair to start?: September

Duration of stay: 6 months

How much pocket money will be offered?: 100 euro

The Family Home:

Do you live in a town, village or country location?: small town

How many bedrooms are there?: 3- own bedroom

How many bathrooms are there?: 2

How many separate toilets?: 2

Do you have any pets? (if so please state): yes cats dogs pups goats cows

fish rabbit all outside

Do you have a cleaner, gardener, ironing lady or any other help?: nanny

4days per week tuesday to friday 10am to 6pm

Special Interests and hobbies of the family?: swimmimg outdoors walking

farming and cooking

The area in which you live:

In walking/driving distance, how far is the local bus stop?: 10mins

In walking/driving distance how far is the local train station?: driving


In walking/driving distance how far is the local college?: driving 30 mins

Would you contribute to travel costs? We recommend this in rural

situations: yes

Name and cost of college: english language center 20 euro a class

Would you be happy to contribute towards college cost?: no

Aupair Duties:

Approximate hours per week?: 35 2 nights babysitting

Monday: 8 to 4 dress feeding and dropping kids to and from school playing

and interacting with the kids

Tuesday: 8 to 10 am 6 pm to 730 pm

Wednesday: 8am to 10am 6pm to 730pm

Thursday: 8 am to 10am 6pm to 7pm

Friday: 8 am to 10 am 6 to 730pm

Saturday: 9 to 4

Sunday: off

Will the au pair be required to do some housework?: yes light cleaning

making beds keeping kitchen clean

Will the au pair be required to do some cooking?: not really

Will the au pair be required to do some ironing?: no

Will the au pair be required to do any baby sitting in the evenings?: yes

Additional details : flexibility is essential in our home due to kids been

so young they can dictate  the schedule at anytime  get up with the kids

in the morning to feed dress and drop off to school  we need au pair to be

drop kids to and from there after school actives do homework and play with

the kids so driving is a must





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