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현재 배정 가능한 독일 오페어 가족

September 3, 2015

독일오페어- 독일 하노바 근처 위치 한국계 독일인 가족이 오페어를 모집하고 있어요^^

호스트 맘은, 한국인 호스트대디는 독일인 가족으로 아이는 2살짜리 남아 한명 인 가족입니다.

가족은 우리 오페어를 환영 해 줄 준비가 지금!! 당장!! 되어 계십니다~~




-독어레벨: A1이상

-아이들 케어 경험: 유

-긍정적인 성격으로, 아이들을 사랑하고 새로운 가족과의 생활에 맞춰가실 수 있는 분!!







**호스트 가족이 우리 오페에게 보내는 레터**


Dear Au pair! 


We are the „Chrzan/ Jeong“ family and looking forward to find an Au Pair which could start as soon 

as possible (hopefully no later than November 2015) for 1 year as new member of our family and 

who loves children. 

We are a family of 2-3 persons: 

„Michael“ father, 46 years, working as Manager in a global automotive company and our little boy 


Nick will become 2 years in October. Currently his grandparents and a day nanny taking care him. 

From October 2015 onwards, Nick could go to Kindergarten. 

Michael is currently a single father because Nick’s mother „Imsu“ became sick and went back to her home country South Korea to get medical treatment. A date for her return is not yet fixed. 

We are living in a house with garden at a larger city called “Hildesheim” with ca. 95.000 residents. 

You could start with your German lessons right here. To visit the next larger city (Hanover) with > 0.5 Mio. residents it takes 30 min. by car. Even the ocean and beach at North Sea can be reached within 2 hours by car. 

At our house we occupy 2 floors with 5 rooms and 3 toilets/bathrooms. The open kitchen is part of the living area. Additionally we have a big winter garden, which is connected at the living room. Here you could also relax and watch the stars in the sky thru the roof made of glass. 

Your room (ca. 30m²) is located at the basement and was recently completely renovated. Thru its four windows you can see the daylight. Internet can be used and we will buy a new TV for your room. 

You have your own toilet with a big bathtub, which Nick also likes for taking a bath. 

If we do not work or go to day care nanny/ Kindergarten we like doing activities together. We visit the farmer’s market, going on excursions, doing sports or making BBQ in our garden- we like to invite good friends of us too. We like to spend time together and having fun. 

If you join our family, it’s most important for us you will take care our little boy, i.e. dress him in the morning, preparing breakfast and take him to Kindergarten and pick him up. In the afternoon spending time with him until his father will come back from work and we all having dinner together. 

Preparing simple lunch should be also possible. 

You do not need to clean our house (except your own room and bathroom)- it’s for us important you are taking care Nick when we are out. Usually you have free time at the weekend (Saturday, Sunday). 

Regarding your working hours we need you in the morning (ca. 2 hours) and in the afternoon after picking him up from Kindergarten. 

You will become part of our family. Thus why trust, openness, humor, honesty and reliability is very important to us. We will live together, learning from each other and we will have fun together. 

We are looking forward meeting you soon! 

Warm regards, 

Michael, Nick (& Imsu) 

(Family Chrzan/ Jeong)

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