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영국오페어- 현재 배정 가능한 호스트 패밀리

September 2, 2015


9년동안 함께 해 온 호스트 가족입니다~~ 완전 warm 한 영국 가족과 배정을 하실 영국 오페어를 찾고 있어요. 


호스트패밀리 위치: Exeter

아이들 나이: 7살/8살 (남자 아이)

시작일: 11월/12월

아래 정보도 참고 해 주세요,

영국 오페어 지원자의 조건은,


1. 영국 YMS 비자 소지자

2. 아이들 케어 경험 소지자

3. 문화경험을 하고 싶은자

4. 도전정신이 강한자

5. 성격이 밝고, 긍정적인 자







  • FirstName: ESRA & NASSER

  • LastName: FATIMA

  • City: EXETER

  • State: SOUTH WEST

  • Family personal details:

  • Mothers Nationality: BRITISH

  • Mothers Occupation: DOCTOR

  • Fathers Occupation: DOCTOR

  • Age and Names of Children: NASR- 8, NOOR – 7 YR

  • Is a baby expected?: NO

  • Are you a single parent?: NO

  • Family Requirements:

  • Would you consider any nationality? (if not please specify who you would

  • accept): YES

  • Would you consider a male au pair?: NO

  • Is a car driver essential?: NO

  • If a car driver is required will there be a car available for the au pair

  • to use?: N/A

  • Is a non smoker essential? (If not, where is he/she allowed to smoke?):

  • YES

  • When do you require an au pair to start?: November/ December

  • Duration of stay: min 12 MONTHS!

  • How much pocket money will be offered?: £70

  • The Family Home:

  • Do you live in a town, village or country location?: TOWN

  • How many bedrooms are there?: 3

  • How many bathrooms are there?: 3

  • How many separate toilets?: 3

  • Do you have any pets? (if so please state): NO

  • Do you have a cleaner, gardener, ironing lady or any other help?: NO

  • Special Interests and hobbies of the family?: TRAVELLING, FAMILY TIME

  • The area in which you live:

  • In walking/driving distance, how far is the local bus stop?: 1 MIN WALK

  • In walking/driving distance how far is the local train station?: 10 MIN

  • WALK

  • In walking/driving distance how far is the local college?: 15 MIN WALK

  • Would you contribute to travel costs? We recommend this in rural

  • situations:


  • AREA

  • Would you be happy to contribute towards college cost?:

  • Aupair Duties:

  • Approximate hours per week?: 25

  • Monday: Drop and pick children from school

  • Tuesday: AS ABOVE

  • Wednesday: AS ABOVE

  • Thursday: AS ABOVE

  • Friday: AS ABOVE-

  • Saturday: DAY OFF

  • Sunday: DAY OFF

  • Will the au pair be required to do some housework?: yes

  • Will the au pair be required to do some cooking?: no

  • Will the au pair be required to do some ironing?: yes for children

  • Will the au pair be required to do any baby sitting in the evenings?: YES -










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